“Mama anajua nilipanda mbegu” – KRG the Don accepts another 18-year-old boy as his son

The musician KRG the Don has recently acknowledged that Brighder, who bears a striking resemblance to him, is his son.

In an interview with Vincent Mboya, KRG stated that he was done rejecting his children. He expressed his belief that defending oneself excessively implies having made mistakes.

When asked by Mboya if he admitted that Brighder could be his son, KRG initially evaded the question, but eventually agreed that Brighder is indeed his child. He explained that as men, they sow seeds and the seeds take root in the field. The field represents the mother, who knows who planted the seed in her field.

KRG further stated that Brighder’s only request was to spend time with his father and had no other demands.

In a previous interview, the 18-year-old Brighder expressed his desire to receive his father’s love and not be treated as an outsider.

KRG clarified that if someone approaches him with good intentions and doesn’t come seeking material gain, he is willing to guide them in life. He emphasized that as adults, they can work on themselves, and he will show them the path to follow. Any other issues will be resolved through open communication.

Mboya asked if Brighder now had the good news that KRG had fully accepted him as his son. KRG confirmed that Brighder was indeed his child and added that he could no longer deny his children.

KRG reasoned that accepting his children was not a bad thing. He highlighted that some people desire to have children, while others resort to stealing them. In his case, he has children who are searching for him, so why should he refuse to acknowledge them?

The musician revealed that he changed his stance on denying his children after the elders in his family intervened. They advised him to welcome his children into the family and share some of the properties they own across the country.

Although KRG initially denied his children, he explained that the elders persuaded him by mentioning the numerous properties they possess. Some of the children would be allocated properties in Narok, Mombasa, Nanyuki, Naivasha, Kisii, and even Uganda. The intention was to provide them with opportunities and a sense of direction in life.

KRG’s decision to stop denying his children came after his alleged 19-year-old daughter, Yvonne, gave up on trying to prove that he is her biological father. This was due to his refusal to undergo a DNA test.