Mungai Eve’s boyfriend Acquires a New Audi A5 Days After Crashing His Toyota Crown

Director Trevor, the boyfriend of Mungai Eve, recently acquired a new Audi A5 just days after his Toyota Crown was involved in a road accident. Taking to social media, Trevor proudly showcased the sleek features of his new Audi, emphasizing its advanced technology and safety aspects.

The couple had previously encountered a harrowing road accident on Christmas night while driving along a highway. Fortunately, both Trevor and Eve emerged unharmed, despite their Toyota Crown sustaining significant damage. Trevor documented the aftermath on his Instagram Stories, sharing videos of the wrecked car.

Reflecting on their journey, the couple had purchased their first car in January 2022. Eve commemorated the milestone on Instagram, expressing her joy and acknowledging it as an achievement she had never imagined accomplishing.

“Meet our first baby. We did it, my love. I thank God for how far He has brought us. I never anticipated being here at this time, but through His favor and mercy, we’ve made it! I can’t believe we finally own a car. Glory to the Almighty Lord! Here’s to many more wins together, honey, and always remember we are in it to win it!” Eve joyfully exclaimed.

In September 2023, Director Trevor shared a significant revelation about their success. They disclosed earning millions in revenue from their YouTube channel, which enabled them to provide direct employment to 14 individuals. Additionally, Trevor revealed that both he and his wife receive a monthly salary of Ksh800,000 each from their YouTube endeavors.

Congratulations to Trevor on his new Audi and the continued success of their ventures.