“Kuja Nikupee Nyota Ni Ukora Tu” Justina Syokau Criticizes Pastor Ezekiel And His Church

In a bold and candid statement, Justina Syokau voiced her disapproval of a particular stance taken by Pastor Ezekiel during a recent address. She openly shared her sentiments regarding his doctrine, asserting that while he is indeed a good man, there are moments when his teachings take a misguided turn. In particular, she took issue with his proclamation that single mothers are cursed, a perspective she vehemently rejects.

Syokau firmly believes that being a single parent, whether due to divorce, widowhood, or other circumstances, should never be equated with a curse. In her view, such individuals should not be stigmatized or judged for their life situations.

To communicate her concerns and draw attention to pressing matters within the Kenyan religious landscape, Justina Syokau decided to break her silence by organizing a press conference. During this event, she discussed the Shakahola incident and emphasized the alarming issue of fraudulent pastors misleading the Kenyan populace.

Syokau’s address began with a scathing condemnation of Pastor Mackenzie, whom she held accountable for the tragic deaths of over 100 people. In her eyes, Mackenzie does not qualify as a genuine man of God and therefore deserves severe consequences, including imprisonment or even the death penalty. She passionately argued that figures like Mackenzie are responsible for eroding the public’s faith in the church, and she called for their complete removal from society.

Notably, Justina Syokau’s address did not solely focus on Pastor Mackenzie; she also discussed Pastor Ezekiel. While expressing her deep respect and affection for him, she acknowledged areas where they fundamentally differ. In particular, she pointed out instances where Pastor Ezekiel’s teachings appeared to contradict both the Bible and the divine principles he purportedly represents. She stressed his inappropriate criticism of single mothers as an example of such contradictions.

During her address, Syokau urged Kenyans to exercise discernment and resist falling prey to manipulation. She expressed her sorrow over witnessing numerous individuals put their lives at risk by fasting excessively in the name of religious experiences.

In conclusion, Justina Syokau maintains hope that justice will ultimately prevail, and those found guilty will receive appropriate sentences, including potential life imprisonment. Her brave stance serves as a call for transparency and accountability within the religious community, aiming to protect the faith of Kenyans and prevent further tragedies like the Shakahola incident.