Nigerian Singer Ruger says He Has no Problem With Kenyan ' kayole ' Man Impersonating Him -

Nigerian Singer Ruger says He Has no Problem With Kenyan ‘ kayole ‘ Man Impersonating Him

Nigerian Afrobeats sensation, Michael Adebayo Olayinka, widely recognized as Ruger, has openly expressed his lack of concern regarding a Kenyan individual impersonating him. Ruger’s perspective on the matter is remarkably magnanimous, as he views the ‘Kenyan Ruger’ as someone earnestly endeavoring to carve out a path for themselves, all the while inadvertently promoting his own musical compositions.

According to Ruger, this Kenyan counterpart is merely a zealous individual striving to make ends meet through their craft. In Ruger’s eyes, rather than constituting a threat, this impersonator’s efforts have inadvertently served as a catalyst for the broader dissemination of his own songs. In his own words, Ruger remarked, “He’s just trying to hustle; he’s actually promoting my songs.”

The phenomenon came to light through a viral online video, wherein an individual bore an uncanny resemblance to Ruger, complete with the distinctive eye patch and vibrant pink hair that characterizes the Nigerian artist. This doppelganger passionately performed Ruger’s songs to an enthusiastic and engaged audience who sang along with fervor.

This Kenyan artist, who goes by the name Aston Kenya, also known as Ruger wa Kayole, has since garnered attention and stirred conversation across social media platforms. While some Kenyan netizens have hailed his emulation as a daring and creative endeavor, others have cautioned against the potential legal pitfalls of impersonation and copyright infringement.

Concerns have been voiced, with individuals expressing apprehension that Ruger may pursue legal action against Aston for both impersonation and copyright violations, potentially resulting in substantial penalties. There is an underlying understanding that what might seem like harmless fun could escalate into a costly endeavor, as evidenced by comments such as, “This is a risky affair. Ruger may sue him for impersonation and copyright infringement. He might end up paying dearly, especially if he is making money from it.”

Amidst this discussion, there is a collective acknowledgment of the precarious nature of such impersonations, and the consequences that may ensue should Ruger decide to enforce his rights. The sentiment is expressed through remarks like, “Very risky! VERYYYYY!!!! If and when Ruger decides to collect his coins from you, that’s when you will also lose an arm and a leg, leave alone the one eye.”

In light of Ruger’s gracious response to this imitation, many have applauded the “girlfriend” hitmaker for his supportive stance towards fellow artists and for fostering camaraderie within the music industry. Ruger’s willingness to view this situation as a form of unintentional promotion reflects his magnanimity and his commitment to nurturing emerging talents within the music scene.