Nadia Mukami speaks on adding a 2nd born with Arrow Bwoy

Nadia Mukami and her partner, Arrow Bwoy, recently opened up about their thoughts on expanding their family with a second child. In an interview with SPM Buzz, Nadia shared her experiences of motherhood, expressing that it has been a smooth journey for her since the birth of their first child, Kai.

“Recently, I’ve been feeling this urge,” Nadia revealed, “I see pregnant women and I can’t help but feel nostalgic. It’s like a longing to experience that phase again. Motherhood isn’t as daunting as it’s often portrayed.”

Meanwhile, Arrow Bwoy expressed his readiness to embrace fatherhood once more, affirming his willingness to have another child with Nadia. He also acknowledged the challenges Nadia has faced during her pregnancies, such as nausea and bloating.

“It’s been tough seeing her go through it,” Arrow Bwoy confessed, “from the constant nausea to the bloating, it’s not easy. But despite it all, she handles it with such grace.”

Nadia, however, quickly clarified that despite Arrow’s remarks, she is not currently pregnant. “You’re going to give people the wrong idea,” she joked, “I’m not expecting.”

The couple’s relationship has endured over the years, weathering past storms to emerge stronger than ever. Despite facing challenges in the past, their love continues to flourish, cementing their bond even further.