' Drama as Lady Who Allegedly Chopped- Off Her Hubby's Manhood Is Acquitted Of Murder Charges

‘ Drama as Lady Who Chopped- Off Her Husband Manhood Is Free Of Murder Charges

Two years ago residents of Free Area, Nakuru County were treated to a shocking scene after a lady reportedly chopped off her Hubby’s Manhood.

The middle aged woman, Naomi Njoki was found at the scene with her husband lying down im pool of blood.

In report by the police, Naomi was rescued from the Jaws of an irate mob who wanted to lynch her after the incident.

The two were ferried tp Nakuru level five hospital where the husband succumbed to his injuries, pathologist said it was due to loss of blood caused by wounds inflicted from a sharp object.

The area chief who toured the scene after getting wind of the incident testified in court after Naomi was arrested and charged with her husband’s death.

Nevertheless, Kenyans have been left in shock after the lady was acquitted of her charges with the Nakuru magistrate accusing police of not tabling enough evidence.

This case has sparked mixed reactions across the internet with netizens calling for more investigation ans justice for the departed soul