Revealed:what caused Samidoh broken leg injury-Details

Revealed:what caused Samidoh broken leg injury-Details

Artist Samidoh has as of late been spotted wearing a cast on his right foot, passing on his fans to speculate on what might have occurred.

The most stressed of the musicians fans are those in America, where Samidoh is planned for a visit next month.

There are questions whether he would travel,due to the strict policy of airlines admitting passengers with injuries.

Regarding what caused the injury, Samidoh’s supervisor revealed that the Kikuyu vocalist was injured while taking selfies with his fans.

The manager also insisted the US visit will be unaffected by the injury.

“He(Samidoh) injured his leg. He didn’t injure his voice or hand,” said the manager.

“The fracture occurred during a ‘stampede for selfies’ moment (during one of his events) in Mwea. Unaware of them, fans pushed him backward in a steep-stone path. However, this has not stopped him from performing.

“His love and passion for music doesn’t let a little thing like a broken leg keep him away from his fans,” the manager assured.

Samidoh has been performing with the foot cast for around fourteen days now. He guaranteed his fans that the shows will go on.
“It is what it is. I may not be able to or run but I can still play guitar and perform. My fans want my voice not my legs,” said Samidoh.

His said manager claimed: “He has 11 additional shows booked during the current month which will go on as arranged.”