Carolyne DeMathew: Men Settle For Peace

Carolyne DeMathew, the second wife of the late Benga singer John De’Mathew, recently shared her perspective on why men choose to enter into polygamous relationships. In a heartfelt Facebook post marking their wedding anniversary, she expressed that women should not be blamed for a man’s decision to marry again.

Carolyne emphasized that no woman has the power to steal a man from another. Instead, she believes that men make such choices based on finding peace of mind and happiness in their relationships. According to her, men naturally gravitate towards environments that offer tranquility and emotional well-being.

In her own words, Carolyne stated, “No woman steals another woman’s man. A man settles where there’s peace.” This assertion suggests that men are driven by their pursuit of contentment when making decisions about their relationships.

On the occasion of her wedding anniversary with John De’Mathew, Carolyne expressed her deep emotions, stating, “It’s our anniversary, I miss you so much babe.” She went on to share a poignant message, reminiscing about the lessons of love she had learned from him. Carolyne concluded the post with a touching tribute: “Happy anniversary in heaven Baibe. Month of love.”

In essence, Carolyne’s reflections provide an insight into her understanding of the dynamics behind men opting for polygamous marriages, attributing it to the pursuit of inner peace and happiness rather than any external factors such as the influence of other women.