Siblings Born Without Eyes Shocked Everyone

Uwizeyimana Joseph and his wife had been dreaming of the first day they would see their children. The newly married couple attempted to get their first child, but while his wife was pregnant, she miscarried her child.

The two quickly adapted and moved on with their second attempt, but they got the same result. Until their fourth trial, the couple was still facing the same problem.

The fact that Joseph’s wife would finally be able to give birth after a nine-month, difficult pregnancy to give birth to dead children who would pass away just before they were born grieved the pair the most.

But one day, a miracle happened. The two tried their luck again and this time the wife gave birth to an average child, only that she did not have eyes at all. The eyes sockets of normal people are completely closed. Her name is Louise.

After receiving their blind child, the couple was pleased and returned home to try again. The second child was likewise delivered alive, but he also had the same issue. His eyes had closed sockets. He was also physically handicapped, which made him different from Louise. Valence is his name.

The couple was terrified and decided to completely stop their attempts to give birth and focus on raising their children, given that their financial capabilities are limited as well.

As the children were growing, their friend advised them to get into the school for proper education, and Louise was admitted even though she couldn’t see what the teacher was teaching, which was an incredibly hard task for her.

Valence, on the other hand, was rejected by the school, given that his combined disabilities, including hearing and speaking impairment, meant that he couldn’t study in normal schools.

The limited financial capabilities of his parents, on the other hand, meant that he couldn’t get admission to specified schools.