” Triomio ni Babangu Mzazi” 32Yr Old Woman says

In the midst of Kenya’s ongoing dramas, with KRG’s trending stories of being a father to many, it seems that the spotlight has shifted to the youngest rapper, Triomio. Recently, a 32-year-old woman named Ngeus wa Githomo emerged, boldly claiming that Triomio is her father, accusing him of neglect.

At first glance, her claims seemed far-fetched, as public knowledge states that Triomio completed high school in 2022 and is currently just 18 years old, set to turn 19 in 2023. In contrast, Ngeus wa Githomo’s age is confirmed to be 32, indicating that she was born before Triomio even entered the world.

Attempting to justify her claims, the woman resorted to the miraculous, claiming that divine intervention played a part. Drawing a parallel to the story of the Virgin Mary’s immaculate conception, she argued that if a virgin could become pregnant, then it is plausible that Triomio could be her father.

In a rather bizarre twist, Ngeus wa Githomo wished Triomio a happy Father’s Day and implored him to answer her calls and reenter her life. This peculiar situation is indicative of the increasingly unusual behavior exhibited by some Kenyans, where clout chasing has become a disturbingly normalized trend.

It remains to be seen how Triomio will respond to this latest development, and whether the truth behind these claims will ever be unveiled. In the meantime, Kenya finds itself once again embroiled in yet another captivating tale, adding to the ever-growing collection of dramatic sagas that continue to captivate the nation.