NACADA Orders Removal Of all Alcohol Billboards Erected Near Kenyan Schools

The National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) has mandated the removal of billboards promoting alcoholic beverages located near schools.

On Monday, NACADA Chief Executive Officer Anthony Omerikwa issued this directive, expressing concerns over the rising promotion of alcoholic drinks via billboards.

“NACADA urges advertising agencies and businesses to demonstrate social responsibility by avoiding the placement of alcohol advertisements near educational institutions,” Omerikwa stated.

He emphasized that this measure can help shield youth from the adverse effects of alcohol marketing and support their development into healthy, productive individuals.

Omerikwa further highlighted the importance of maintaining learning environments free from influences that might lead to harmful behaviors. “The presence of alcohol advertisements near schools undermines these efforts by normalizing alcohol consumption and presenting it as attractive and glamorous,” he added.