Two Ladies Fight For A Church Choir Leader In Murang’a Town

Two Ladies Fight For A Church Choir Leader In Murang’a Town.

There was drama at Murang’a town after two ladies went into a fist fight with each other over who will win the heart of a choir leader.

According to congregants,the two ladies identified as Ruth Njambi 34-year-old and Sarah Wangechi 31-year-old, had a confrontation after they found out that they were both eying the same man.

“We heard noice coming from the parking lot and went to check. That’s where we found the two ladies on the ground shaming themselves in front of the church members,” House of Mercy church, pastor Jeremiah Wambugu said.

According to a congregant who requested for anonymity, the man involved is said to be among the handsome church members and has been using his cuteness in getting any sexualy deprived church member to his bedroom.

The two ladies said that the man who has since been identified as Anthony Kamau had promised to marry each of them but when they were having a conversation, realized that they were dating the same man.

“He had promised to marry me. So today I was having a conversation with Sarah and she told me that Anthony had also promised to marry her. I got angry and we started fighting,” Ruth said.

Sarah also revealed that she has been dating the man for one year now and he had even met her parents with promises of marriage.

“I can’t believe he is such a pervert. I had even taken him to my parents home and dowry negotiations were to happen next month, April 2020. I don’t want anything to do with him but I really love him,” Sarah said.

Pastor Jeremiah said that the matter will be resolved by the church elders and Anthony faces excommunication from the church.

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