“Nimekulwa Na Wanaume 15” ,18-Year-Old Girl Reveals (Video)

During a short interview, the young ladies revealed that they are all not virgins and have slept with countless men.

The 17-year-old girl who gave her name as Favour revealed that she has slept with 7 men

While Esther who is only 19 revealed that she has also slept with 8 men and the shocker came from the third lady whose name is Bright disclosed with happiness on her face that she has slept with 15 men.

Social media users who have come across this confession from their young ladies have expressed their disappointment in their parents for their failed parenting.

According to a majority of these critics, if these ladies had strict and disciplined parents there’s no way they would have had such high body counts at such tender ages.

Below are some of the reactions of social media users who have come across the viral video…

Ugo Uchi – What is happening with our teenagers? Has society gone this morally-bankrupt? I turn 40 in September. My body count still remains 1 (ONE) and that was my ex-husband. This isn’t to shame anyone but I see a case of misplaced priorities. At their age, I was more focused on getting a degree and making something out of my life. To be honest, gpod parenting isn’t overated. I am grateful for having a mother who taught me the importance of knowing Jesus, developing myself and living a life of contentment. 

UgboFigoUk – Chia ???????????????? at this age during my time I still be block rosary leader for Awada center 1. I no sabi anything chia ?????

Thick Tall Muna – At their age my body count was zero

Obydaddymuna – Dear Men! Please be in your daughter’s lives to avoid this type of nonsense. Smh

Cutesythecutie – You all are here shouting that she’s only 18.. if she’s 18, that means it didn’t start when she was 18… who are those men sleeping with underage girls then ??