‘My Dowry Is Now Set At Ksh.10 Million Plus A Car,’ Simple Boy’s Ex, Pritty Vishy Now Says -

‘My Dowry Is Now Set At Ksh.10 Million Plus A Car,’ Simple Boy’s Ex, Pritty Vishy Now Says

Pritty Vishy has recently been turning heads on social media with her exquisite photoshoots that depict how life has tremendously changed for her. The YouTuber, who doubles up as singer Stivo Simple Boy’s ex-girlfriend, has now set her standards high for suitors who are interested in marrying her.

Pritty and Stivo called it quits in March, with Stivo citing Pritty’s character is what drove him away; and after everything he had to put up with – there’s no turning back.

If you are thinking of settling down with the upcoming Kenyan socialite and YouTuber, Prity Vishy, we’d advise you to get your money right first. 

The socialite has revealed that her net worth has gone up, and so has her dowry, which now sits pretty, north of Ksh.10 million.  

During an interview with Youtuber Nicholas Kioko, Vishy said she is not really keen on getting cows as dowry, and suggests that suitors who want to bring cows to buy her a car instead.

“My dowry is ten million na mtu asijaribu kuniletea ngomb’e, eeh, sitaki ngombe inaletwa ati nasukuma…. sijui, mimi ni ten million and that’s it, na kama mtu anataka kuleta ngombe, basi hiyo pesa ununue gari,” Vishy said.

‘Sitaki mama yangu apelekewe ngombe, juu inamaanisha, watakuwa wanachua ngombe, wakipeleka ngombe ingine,” 

According to Vishy, the Ksh.2 million cap is not even that high, considering there is so much that she brings to the table. 

She claims to be a decent cook, and is gifted with her hands as far as massages are concerned. 

“As long as you know your worth, you set your standards, imagine sio pesa mingi… qualities zangu ni mzito mzito, hata mimi mwenyewe ni mzito,” 

“Najua kupika, najua kukanda…. vitu mingi nikianza kutaja hapa sitamaliza ,” 

Prospective suitors will need to be, first of all, well moneyed, respectful and God fearing. Vishy says the rest of the nitty gritties can be agreed upon. 

Vishy rose to fame after her romantic overtures with Kibera-grown rapper Stevo Simple  Boy went public. 

Their break-up which would follow soon after, further pushed her into the Kenyan social scene, leading to the launch of her Youtube career. 

She has also, rather unfortunately, been the butt-end of odd social media jokes, which she now claims no longer bother her. 

Inside Stevo Simple Boy’s Wedding

Stevo Simple Boy is apparently a married man as of yesterday- at least traditionally. The rapper announced that he met with his fiancé Gee’s parents and wedded in a traditional ceremony.

“Nataka dunia ijue nakupenda sana Mrs Simple Boy. Kuenda kuona wazazi wako leo ni kitu ambacho singefanya kama sikupendi. Leo ilikua siku kubwa kufunga ndoa ya kitamaduni na wewe,” he posted yesterday on Instagram.

And this morning, Stevo has given us an inside glimpse of the wedding. The bride and bride groom looked radiant in all-white in a short video posted up this morning. Stevo then teased more at 10am.

Stevo and Gee forever?
Stevo proposed to his lover Gee two months ago after their ugly fallout with ex-girlfriend influencer and Instagram model Pritty Vishy.

Stevo was forced to explain what was happening after Miss Gee posted singing along to a tearful song hinting at a possible break-up. This was after a Swahili damsel came out to confess her undying love for the singer.

That might have shaken Mrs. Gee and filled her with tears she decided to come out to address her insecurity.

In a long post, Steve assured her that she is still the one he loves, and he asked her to ignore what happens on social media. “Mambo ya mtandaao na umbea za wanadada wanao tafuta fame isikushtue siwezi kuwacha kipenzi… Wachana na vita vya mtandaao kabisa.” The freshi barida hitmaker said.

He continued by saying that he was glad they had held a traditional wedding and that he had finally gotten to meet her parents.

“Nataka dunia ijue nakupenda Sana mrs_simpleboyofficial kuenda kuona wazazi wako Leo nikitu ambacho singefanya kama sikupendi Leo ilikua siku kubwa kufunga ndoa ya kitamaduni na wewe tushukuru mungu.” He assured her.

 He apologized and promised to get her a gift that he would reveal soon. Their drama comes hours after Pritty Vishy showed off her wedding dress, She hinted that she was ready to attend their wedding