If your woman still talks to her mother, kick her out – Captain Kale

If your woman still talks to her mother, kick her out – Captain Kale

Captain Kale of classic 105 has faulted wives for not knowing the limits with regards to marriage life and their moms.

In a conversation Wednesday morning about wives and moms being cartels, Captain Kale blasted wives’ mothers saying they should not be being in their daughters relationships.

He further advised men to kick out spouses who don’t obey.

‘There’s some nonsense that should stop when you get married. Most of the Nairobi women don’t know, your mother should not be her confidant, her mother is a forgotten issue when she marries and you see even some of your friends you have cut them off when I marry you and if you want to keep them get unmarried, stay unmarried. Her mother is supposed to be a forgotten issue, she should never be near my house even if she wants to come to my house she should alert me three to four weeks in advance I decide if she should come. There is no marriage that works with the mother in the scene, she should tell me prior I will decide and if my wife wants to go see her mother I will have to know prior and decide then I can drop her. I will hang around close by and pick her up, these mothers interfere in marriages, if your woman is still talking to her mother kick her out, it’s either your marriage or her mother,, all women are evil and they just want everything to themselves, never trust woman’

Kale shocked Maina with these questionable contemplations, however Kale insisted adding

“Most of these slay queens should know that my mother is now your mother. You should even cut off those friends of yours. Fellas, if your wife is still talking to her mother mfukuze.”