“We Ni Mchafu Mpaka Unapata Boil Kwa Lips” Diana Marua Roasts Bahati

In a video on Diana’s YouTube channel, the mother of three claimed that Bahati is nowadays tired of her and doesn’t talk to her with a sweet voice.

She also complained about Bahati’s cold saying that it was hindering him from kissing her. Bahati had an infection that had affected his lips.

“Siku hizi ni kama hunipendi sana. Nimenotice you are tired of me. Hata sahi you are exhausted hauna hata sauti ya kunifurahisha. Unaenda unajipea mainfections huko nje huwezikunikiss.

“You have mouth infections. We ni mchafu mpaka unapata boil kwa lips, unajua boils ni za uchafu,” she ciomplained

Bahati however said that engaging in twa twa with Diana is what had caused the problem.

“Nadhani kugo-down ilibackfire,” he said before the couple burst out laughing.

“Wachana na magadi, wanaume kaa mbali na magadi, shida nilipata hadi face pimples,” he further said

Trouble however began when Bahati refused to take a shower with Diana saying that se had denied him his conjugal rights for two weeks.

“Why should I go shower with her when I have ‘gone hungry’ for two weeks. It is like you have stayed hungry the whole day and then you are told to go into the kitchen and see food and then you are told not to eat,” Bahati defended himself.

Diana on the other hand defended herself saying that she was exhausted because of spending long hours in the hospital where their last born is admitted.