Andrew Kibe I Prefer 'KUKULA' Diana Marua Over Kamene Goro. -

Andrew Kibe I Prefer ‘KUKULA’ Diana Marua Over Kamene Goro.

Renowned Kenyan celebrity critic Andrew Kibe, currently based in the USA, recently discussed his preference for dating Diana Marua over his former co-host at Kiss 100, Kamene Goro, during a candid question and answer session on his YouTube channel.

In response to a fan’s query about choosing between Diana Marua and Kamene Goro as potential partners, Kibe found the question quite challenging. He openly acknowledged the complexity of the choice, considering his propensity to criticize both Kamene Goro and Diana Marua in the past.

After some contemplation, Andrew Kibe eventually offered his perspective. He expressed that, on a personal level, he would prefer a woman with Kamene Goro’s curvaceous figure combined with the body shape that Diana Marua possessed when she was still a teenager.

Nonetheless, when pressed to make a definitive choice, Kibe leaned towards Diana Marua. He suggested that if he were in a situation where he had to choose between the two, he would opt for Diana Marua.

Interestingly, Kibe did not delve into the specific reasons behind his choice not to select Kamene Goro. However, it’s worth noting that in his previous content, Kibe has voiced preferences for women with a smaller body size, indicating a preference for petite individuals as opposed to plus-sized individuals.