” I have Married 3 Wives I Marinate Them Daily in Bed”

Polygamy is legally accepted in African culture, and Yowanakintu from the Democratic Republic of Congo has embraced this tradition. Yowana is contentedly married to three wives, and they coexist harmoniously under one roof without any controversies.

The dynamic of their family involves Yowana’s first wife having seven sons, the second wife with six children, and the third wife with four children, making their household a total of 20 members.

In an interview with Afrimax English, Yowanakintu revealed that his initial intention was not to have three wives. Circumstances compelled him to take on additional wives. Originally planning to have only one wife, a disagreement with his first wife led her to return to her parents for an extended period. Unable to manage all responsibilities alone, Yowana sought a second wife. Eventually, his first wife returned, and they resolved their issues, with her accepting the presence of a co-wife.

While Yowana was content with his two wives, another dispute arose, leading both wives to leave and return to their parents. Undeterred, Yowana moved forward and married a third wife. Surprisingly, the first two wives returned, and they collectively agreed to share Yowana, resulting in his marriage to three wives.

They all reside in a two-bedroom house, with the first wife having her own room, while the second wife and the third wife, along with their children, share the second bedroom. Despite the unconventional arrangement, all the women are content, and Yowana successfully fulfills their needs.

They express that being a trio has alleviated their workload, bringing mutual benefits to each member of the family.