Top Diploma and Certificate Courses That KDF Looks For During Recruitment

Top Diploma and Certificate Courses That KDF Looks For During Recruitment

The Kenya Defense Forces does its recruitment of Servicemen and women annually and this requires a Diploma or Certificate course in order to apply.

However, many students or those willing to join the army may not be aware of what certificate or diploma the KDF looks for the most.

The recruits who pass out after being recruited with Certificate and Diploma courses start at a much higher pay grade than the normal recruits.

Below are the top five diploma and certificate courses that Kenya Defense Forces looks for:

Diploma in Medical Engineering

This diploma course enables KDF servicemen to go work with hospital equipment at the many hospitals that the Kenya Defense Forces has in its barracks.

It involves troubleshooting, servicing, repair as well as installation of new hospital equipment.

Diploma in Civil Engineering

The Kenya Defense Forces is always looking for men and women who are well versed in building as it erects structures each waking day.

This diploma course is offered in most of our colleges in the country that are approved by the Ministry of Education.

Diploma in Electronics Engineering

This one is another course that is highly coveted by the Kenya Defense Forces as it involves the tweaking of electronics in the military.

The course is offered in most government colleges across the country with a minimum qualification of a C Plain.

Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics

Anyone with a certificate in motor vehicle mechanics can apply to join the military as KDF has a lot of vehicles that need servicing and repair from time to time.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

A Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, especially the plant option, is something that could easily get you into the Kenya Defense Forces.

The course is offered in most colleges approved by the government across the country.

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