Mzungu Frank Rahma, Claims His Kikuyu Wife left Him Bankrupt

Frank Rahma, a TikTok personality from Belgium residing in Kenya, openly expresses remorse for the emotional and financial toll his relationship with a Kikuyu woman has taken on him.

Formerly known as Frank Murugi, he candidly discusses his current financial challenges in a viral video, attributing them to a three-year relationship with the woman. Frank now acknowledges that his affection was misplaced, directed towards the wrong individual.

In February 2023, Frank, who was previously married to Murugi, a 22-year-old Kenyan woman, announced their divorce. The couple shares a daughter.

The introduction of Rahma, another woman, as his second wife marked the beginning of the decline in Frank’s relationship with Murugi. This included the introduction of his children to Rahma, a factor believed to have influenced Murugi’s decision.

During this period, Frank practiced polygamy and frequently visited Rahma in Belgium. On TikTok, he previously shared, “I’ve returned to Belgium to spend quality time with Rahma and my children. I’ll be staying for the next three months. After spending so much time with Murugi since my visit to Kenya in November 2022, Rahma and my children deserve some of my attention. While Murugi may be concerned, given how much time I’ve spent with her, the moment has come to prioritize Rahma and my children.”

Despite the motivations behind his statement, it is evident that Frank is grappling with the emotional aftermath of his divorce. His future steps after navigating this challenging experience remain uncertain.