“Kama ni Kukuna, Mimi Amenioa” Jovial Sparks Reactions After She Confirms Dating “Mwana Mkunaji”

Over the recent days, Willy Paul, popularly known as Pozee, has found himself captivated by the charm of Jovial, a well-known Kenyan artist. Their connection blossomed as they were frequently seen enjoying each other’s company throughout the past week.

What initially began as a lighthearted jest from Willy Paul, expressing his admiration for Jovial, took an unexpected turn. Jovial initially dismissed Pozze, stating that he wasn’t her type. Despite this, Pozze persisted in professing his fondness for Jovial, earning himself the moniker “simp” from his fans.

On her part, Jovial has unequivocally affirmed that she is presently romantically involved with the hitmaker of “Mwana Mkunaji.” This confirmation came after Willy Paul shared an endearing video capturing moments of their time together.

Taking to his Instagram, Willy Paul hinted at the video’s underlying message, interpreting it as Jovial addressing the naysayers in their newfound relationship.

“Took my lady out today and this is what she said to all the haters,” he captioned the post.

In the viral video circulating online, Jovial seized the opportunity to silence her detractors, declaring her deep affection for Willy Paul.

“…ooh unajua atakuacha nye nye nye…, kama ni kukuna mimi amenioa,” she asserted in a segment of the video.

Nevertheless, the post has triggered a range of reactions from fans. Some have labeled Pozze as a “hungry Hyena,” expressing concerns that he might potentially break Jovial’s heart. Various comments from their followers reflect this sentiment:

“It’s true the Hyena is only hungry, and when its stomach is full, it will leave the vultures to finish the leftovers,” remarked Kennie Balo.

“I’m not a prophet, but this relationship will end before Christmas day 😚,” predicted Mwingi Niccur.

“Woooiii hapo huna mtu, baby gal, don’t take off your heels; you will be on the move at the blink of an eye,” cautioned Mwari Wa Muthoni.

Conversely, some fans extended their well-wishes to the couple:

“A piece of advice, don’t listen to what people say; Bwana Mkunaji is a good man, and don’t forget your career,” advised Evans Zayne.