Husband Thief Karen Nyamu and other celebs console Akothee after alleged breakup

Kenyan singer and entrepreneur Akothee has recently emerged into the spotlight following her candid revelation on Sunday, October 1st. In this heartfelt disclosure, she opened up about the personal struggles and emotional challenges she had been silently grappling with.

Akothee’s frank statement came about four months after sharp-eyed fans noticed a conspicuous absence of her husband, Denis Schweizer, from her social media platforms, igniting rumors of a possible separation.

In her candid disclosure, Akothee revealed that she had gone through a deeply traumatic experience that had left her profoundly shaken and emotionally unstable. During this trying time, she found herself enduring days without proper food and sleep, all the while questioning her own identity as she juggled her public image, family responsibilities, and business ventures.

She recounted, “I began by closely examining my own behaviors. I realized that I was breaking down frequently and without any apparent reason, even during simple interviews. I had become emotionally unstable, and I couldn’t quite pinpoint the cause. It was through therapy that I became aware of emotional abuse.”

Akothee also disclosed that she had sought professional therapy to address her emotional well-being, expressing, “I have emerged from an immensely challenging phase and have been quietly healing. I am currently in my second month of therapy, working through the trauma I experienced after discovering some painful truths that left me shaken.”

In response to Akothee’s announcement, her close friends and family members have rallied around her, offering unwavering support and encouragement as she navigates this challenging chapter in her life.

Senator Karen Nyamu penned a heartfelt message of support, affirming Akothee’s resilience and inner strength. She wrote, “My dear, you will always rise above. You possess an indomitable spirit. We will dance together again and again. Sending you love.”

Akothee’s daughter, Rue Baby, emphasized the significance of personal growth and healing during difficult times. She underscored the idea that through the process of healing, one emerges stronger and better equipped to face life’s challenges. Rue assured Akothee of their enduring support, saying, “We will always be here for you, my dear.”

Suba North Member of Parliament (MP) Millie Odhiambo Mabona offered her spiritual support to Akothee, highlighting the resilience that comes with the grace of God. She acknowledged Akothee’s courage in acknowledging her challenges and seeking support. Millie also complimented Akothee’s appearance, adding, “By the way, you look great.”

Comedian Butita, in a lighthearted yet supportive manner, stood in solidarity with Akothee. He humorously suggested that the situation warranted a “rewind” of her wedding, implying a desire to reverse the separation. He quipped, “I even chartered a helicopter for this, men are unpredictable. I stand with my sister. She cannot endure this alone. Let’s hit rewind on this wedding ⏪⏪.”