“Kama Mimi Ni Mchawi, Hata Yeye Ni Mchawi mkubwa”: Mtumishi’s Mother Opens Up

The former Churchill Show comedian, Mtumishi, has embarked on a journey of reconciliation with his mother following his recent testimony in a church where he made witchcraft allegations against her.

Earlier this week, Gilbert Wanyonyi gained widespread attention on social media when he claimed that his mother had practiced witchcraft and consulted witch doctors. Using his stage name, Mtumishi went on to assert that his mother was responsible for the breakdown of his marriage to his Kikuyu wife.

In a viral video, he expressed indifference towards his mother’s potential death, stating that he wouldn’t be affected and wouldn’t respond to her messages or calls.

However, on Thursday, Mtumishi participated in an exclusive interview with radio presenter Massawe Japanni on Bustani La Massawe, expressing a desire to reconcile with his mother.

During the reconciliation process, Mtumishi’s heartbroken mother shared how her son had hurt her emotionally and damaged her reputation at the workplace with a boss.

“Why did he expose me to the whole world? I don’t want to talk to him right now! If he wants us to talk, let him come home, and we can discuss things in front of our family!” exclaimed Mtumishi’s furious mother.

Addressing the witchcraft allegations, she asserted that if she were indeed a witch, Mtumishi would not be exempt from being part of the supposed team of witches. She also insisted that he shouldn’t present evidence of witchcraft in the presence of his uncles.

“If he claimed I am a witch, then he should come and remove those snakes. If I’m a witch, then he is one too. Let’s leave all that; I don’t want to talk about it. If we are to talk, it should be in front of our parents and siblings. Let him come, and we can talk. I don’t want to talk now,” she added before ending the call.

Despite the initial reluctance, the mother reached out again, expressing her love for Mtumishi and urging him to come home to resolve the family issues.

“We will talk at home, and not just with me alone, but with the entire family. You are my child. I have no issues with you,” she emphasized in her second attempt.