Stevo Simple Boy Accuses Pritty Vishy Of Using Him -

Stevo Simple Boy Accuses Pritty Vishy Of Using Him

According to Stevo, Pritty was solely interested in gaining fame and had used him to achieve that goal.

However, Stevo mentioned that he is currently married to a caring wife who looks after him. He urged his ex-girlfriend to move on and create her own content without mentioning his name.

“My relationship with Pritty Vishy ended a long time ago. There’s a difference between a girlfriend and a wife. Grace Atieno is my wife. Pritty Vishy was just a girlfriend, so she should move on and leave my life behind.

“I have already found a loving wife who genuinely cares for me. Pritty didn’t care about me. She was after fame. She didn’t care about love. I can tell Pritty Vishy to let go of me and stop mentioning me everywhere. She should create her own content,” the rapper told Mungai Eve.

Stevo made these statements after moving into a house provided for him by Mumias East MP Peter Salasya.

However, the MP challenged Stevo to develop additional skills beyond music that he could rely on.

“The wife had suggested that we open a hotel for her to manage. As for Stevo, I previously challenged him to have a skill apart from music. What else can he do? Simple Boy, I want you to tell Kenyans, besides music, which other area do you want me to support you in? You must have a skill,” Salasya challenged him.

Stevo expressed his desire for a music studio and mentioned that they would have further discussions regarding additional skills.