Hot Tiktoker Azziad Nasenya Sets Record Straight on Her Battle With Suicidal Thoughts

Content creator and social media influencer Azziad Nasenya has recently addressed rumors circulating on social media suggesting that she is struggling with suicidal thoughts and depression. In a video shared on her social media platforms, Azziad clarified that these rumors are unfounded, although she did acknowledge experiencing a bout of depression three years ago when she first gained prominence.

Azziad gained widespread recognition during the lockdown period when she gained attention for her energetic dance video set to the song “Utawezana” by Femi One featuring Mejja.

Addressing the rumors, Azziad stated, “I have not been active on social media recently, so today my friends and family reached out to me asking if I was okay. They mentioned hearing rumors about me having suicidal thoughts, but I want to clarify that those struggles were three years ago.” She expressed gratitude towards her loved ones and supporters for their concern, reassuring them that she is currently in good spirits and doing well.

Despite her rising fame, Azziad has often found herself at the center of controversy and faced bullying on platforms like Twitter. However, she remains resilient in the face of such challenges.

Overall, Azziad’s statement serves as a reassurance to her followers and admirers that she is managing her mental health and appreciates the support she receives from her community.