‘Stivo Simple Boy alikuwa anaenda Raundi Moja anaanza, Kukimbia Uchi Kwa Nyumba, Akisema Freshi Barida,Pritty Vishy says

Pritty Vishy and Stivo Simple Boy, renowned musicians from Kenya, engaged in a lively Instagram session on Sunday evening that caught their fans off guard.

Despite Simple Boy’s marital status with Grace Atieno, it’s noteworthy that he has a history of past romantic involvement with Vishy.

During the live session, Vishy got in touch with Simple Boy and had their conversation broadcasted on speakerphone for all to hear.

Amidst flirtatious exchanges and playful banter, Vishy even inquired when they could arrange to meet again, keeping the atmosphere light and teasing.

“Nikupigie lini, nione mafikirio yako imefikia wapi?” Vishy quizzed him.

Although Simple Boy avoided providing a direct response, Vishy persisted in seeking a definite timeframe to accommodate her plans according to his desires.

This suggestive interaction between Vishy and Simple Boy has ignited speculation surrounding the potential rekindling of their relationship as performers.

However, it’s important to note that both Vishy and Simple Boy have neither affirmed nor refuted these speculations.

Irreversible Choice… A few months prior, Pritty Vishy explicitly stated that she had moved forward and was committed to not looking back.

The content creator shared her sentiments during an Instagram Q&A session with her followers. She was prompted by a fan’s query about whether she would consider giving the musician a second chance.

The fan’s inquiry read:

“Can you give Stivo a second chance?”

Vishy’s response was resolute:

“No! I have moved on. I can’t.”

Another follower asked for an explanation as to why she continued to mention Stivo when she had clearly grown in both appearance and maturity, seemingly surpassing the need for such a relationship.

“Why do you still involve yourself with Stivo? Or do you still feel a connection? You’ve become more beautiful, play in your own league,” the follower expressed.

In her reply to the second question, Vishy indicated that she was still invested in supporting her ex-partner. She conveyed her intentions to introduce her current romantic interest to her audience in due time.

“I’m simply trying to assist him, just as I did right from the start. And soon, I’ll introduce the person who presently has me captivated,” she shared.