Arimis Kenya Responds To Rebranding Claims

‘Mafuta ya Kunyonga”Arimis Kenya Responds To Rebranding Claims

Kenya’s famous milking and body jelly organization Arimis Kenya has dispelled claims that the product is rebranding.

Reports that Arimis was rebranding with another package widely circulated in social media on Tuesday compelling the brand to address the issue.

In an assertion shared on the organization’s social media pages, Arimis Kenya said that the photographs of its new look were only an idea from someone.

“To all our esteemed customers and users of our products, we’re not rebranding, the circulating brand is just someone’s suggestion. We stick to our initial brands! Otherwise enjoy the greatness of your skin care,” Arimis Kenya said.

The new look caused mixed responses among Kenyans in with some keeping up with that the old look was much better.

The picture was first shared by a twitter client named Nanzia Hellena. Hellena said that the branding was barely out of passion.

“We do not want any rebranding on this wonderful product… If you attempt any modifications, then we will neither trust the process nor the results,” a netizen, Charles Wainaina, commented.

“I wish you had rebranded anything but Arimis. Kenyans on fb are gonna have a bad night since they just discovered these photos a few minutes ago and think Arimis is branding for real!!” Luvuno Mwachiro said.

“Hey, this is DOPE. Would you improve on the brand maintaining it’s originality and authenticity. They could give you the gig after all,” another user said on the comments section.