FRANKFORD MOGIRE: Reportedly Jumped mid-air in the Helicopter crash that killed General FRANCIS OGOLLA

The tragic helicopter crash that resulted in the loss of Kenya Defence Forces leader Francis Ogolla and several other military personnel left only one survivor: Frankford Karanja Mogire.

Mogire, a former journalism student who enlisted in the army in 2015, had been serving as a photographer within the KDF, honing his skills behind the lens while contributing to the military’s documentation efforts.

Hailing from a family with military ties, Mogire’s connection to the armed forces ran deep, with his father also serving in uniform.

Eyewitness accounts reveal a harrowing scene as the chopper, destined for tragedy, plummeted to the ground in the Sindar area, straddling the border between West Pokot and Elgeyo Marakwet counties. Amidst the chaos of the crash, reports indicate that Mogire made a split-second decision, leaping from the aircraft in mid-air, miraculously escaping the fate that befell his comrades.

The aftermath of the crash was devastating, with witnesses describing the helicopter erupting into flames upon impact, leaving a scene of destruction in its wake. Yet, amidst the tragedy, Mogire’s survival stands as a testament to both luck and his quick reflexes in the face of danger.