NTV Journalist Fred Muitiriri Explains How He Was Suddenly Told His Job Was Over at the Station

NTV journalist Fred Muitiriri shared the poignant story of losing his job at the TV station shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic, just as the Christmas season approached.

In an emotional video on his TikTok account, Muitiriri recalled being informed of the station’s closure during a meeting.

“I even arrived late to that meeting and asked my colleague what was happening. He angrily replied that the station was shutting down,” he recounted with a laugh.

The termination came unexpectedly, right after the pandemic and as Christmas was drawing near.

“You should have laid us off in July; how can you shut down a TV station in December? We hadn’t even recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic,” he added.

Muitiriri highlighted how abruptly the job ended.

Kenyans responded to his video with various comments:

Sophie Navutete: “You have suffered in this world, but God is faithful.”

sherryadvica1: “Oh dear, I understand… they did not do right by you.”

Essy Kuria: “At least now you can laugh, but wow, Christmas indeed came with plans to sell fear.”

@kakuhRuth: “Ah, it’s laughter for me.”

Juls Wairimu: “You missed a lot if you arrived late. I was already there for the morning shift.”