Frank States : I Became a Millionaire at The Age of 17 Through Academic Writing

A Kenyan content creator , Online writer and forex trader Frank States famous as the States family, has narrated how he became a millionaire at the age of 17. His journey to success hasn’t been that easy because he had to take alot of risks before making it in life.

Background of Frank States.

He was born and raised in Kayole and also lived in several estates in Nairobi. He is 24 years old and he was raised in a very humble background. He is a father of one child called States Junior.

Becoming a Millionaire at the age of 17 years.

States said that immediately he finished his highschool he joined university while still a minor. He joined KCA University and because of hardships of life he started learning Academic Writing.

That period people were making millions of money from writing because it wasn’t flooded. For him he decided to be creative and started creating the academic writing accounts and sell them to writers.

The Accounts were very expensive that time and one could Go upto ksh. 150,000 . So in a day he could create upto 10 accounts and maybe sell all of them. He started accumulating wealth and bought his first car ,before upgrading to Audi.

Frank said that the writing industry became flooded so he decided to quit the field , and the money he had saved, he invested in real estates. He owns several estates in Nairobi.

He decided to start investing in cryptocurrency, which is just like forex trading. It wasn’t that easy but after making several loses , he managed to learn trading very well.He again started making millions of money Cryptocurrency .

He has now invested in cryptocurrency and he is making profits from the trading. It has made him to live his dream life.

His Wealth .
Frank States
Frank States with one of his cars/Courtesy.

States is worth millions of money. He owns a mansion that is worth about ksh. 10 Million. He a collection of cars including 2 Audi’s and others that he hires out. He has a clothline worth millions of money. He also has a liquor store and lastly he has real estates .