What Killed Her? Sudden Death Of Kikuyu Gospel Singer Christine Mwangi Finally Explained 

Known for her soul-stirring vocals and powerful stage presence, Christine Mwangi had time and again captivated audiences with her uplifting gospel songs.

Days after the church performance, the gospel singer was seen seated on a hospital bench looking weary.

On Friday, June 23, 2023, news broke that Christine Mwangi had suddenly died in hospital.

Many people wondered what caused the death of the gospel singer who looked very healthy just days earlier prior to her demise.

“Go well my friend Christine it’s hard to believe that it’s only yesterday we talked only now to hear that you are no longer with us .When world turned against me you were among the friends who still believed in me and your words of encouragement day by day makes me strong .Huruka uhoro,” gospel singer Ben Githae eulogized the deceased.

Kikuyu gospel musician Regina Muthoga also posted on her Facebook Live talking about Christine Mwangi’s death.

Regina Muthoga revealed that her fellow singer Christine Mwangi died of pneumonia.

She said that death has no mercy since Christine had just did a TikTok video one day ago.