Pastor Kanyari Finally Reveals Amount of Money He Has Made Since Joining TikTok

Pastor Kanyari, a figure renowned for his controversial yet captivating presence on TikTok, has recently shed light on the financial gains he’s amassed through his online endeavors.

Revealing a substantial sum of over Ksh 400,000 earned from his TikTok engagements, the preacher has solidified his position as a polarizing yet influential figure in the digital realm. With his animated and occasionally contentious live sessions, Pastor Kanyari has effectively utilized social media to expand his outreach and impact.

His thriving presence on TikTok not only bolstered his following but also attracted significant financial backing. This disclosure arrives amid a time when digital platforms are increasingly recognized as lucrative channels for influencers and creators alike.

However, Pastor Kanyari’s journey hasn’t been devoid of controversy.

A recent incident at his church, where a female TikToker presented him with a packet of condoms at the altar, incited widespread backlash from his followers and the public. Responding swiftly, the preacher issued a public apology, addressing the situation and expressing remorse.

In his apology, Pastor Kanyari explained the circumstances surrounding the incident, emphasizing his disbelief at the gesture and his reluctance to exacerbate the situation. He clarified that the woman, a TikTok user, visited his church out of curiosity and was not a devout follower. Despite the misstep, he refrained from reacting harshly to prevent further escalation.

Assuring his audience that such occurrences would not repeat, Pastor Kanyari humbly sought forgiveness for the incident, acknowledging both his and the woman’s faults. Despite the controversies, his success on TikTok persists, underscoring the platform’s potential as a lucrative avenue for contemporary influencers.