Aisha Jumwa: I dropped out of School in Form 2 and Got Married, My Dowry was ksh.10,000.

Aisha Jumwa stands as a formidable figure among Kenya’s female politicians, hailing from Kilifi County, and notably served as the Cabinet Secretary for Gender in 2022. Widely revered along the coastal regions, she is often likened to the indomitable Mekatilili Wa Menza due to her fervor and dynamism in the political arena.

Yet, Aisha’s journey to prominence was paved with challenges. Born into humble beginnings, she, along with her nine siblings, faced the hardship of being shared among relatives to secure an education. However, her path took a sharp turn when, at the tender age of form two, she was compelled to abandon her studies for an arranged marriage. Thus, she wed a fisherman, embarking on a shared life that bore three children.

The tides shifted dramatically when Aisha delved into politics. As her popularity surged and her financial clout swelled, tensions brewed in her marital abode. Her husband, a fisherman by trade, found himself at odds with her burgeoning political career. Influenced by peers who painted a picture of social validation should he reside in Aisha’s domain, he sought a divorce, demanding the return of dowry as a precondition.

Thus, the curtain fell on their union. Aisha, resolute in her determination, scraped together the sum of her dowry—mere 10,000 Kenyan shillings—and returned it to her former spouse. With politics now her sole focus, unencumbered by marital ties, she charted her course with unwavering resolve.

Ascending in Kilifi’s political landscape, Aisha found herself in esteemed company, rubbing shoulders with luminaries such as Raila Odinga. Her ascent culminated in clinching the Member of Parliament seat in her constituency. Though her bid for the gubernatorial throne in 2022 ended in defeat, her unwavering support for William Ruto earned her a coveted appointment.

In a gesture of appreciation for her steadfast allegiance to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and President Ruto, she was bestowed the role of Cabinet Secretary for Gender—a testament to her enduring loyalty.

Aisha Jumwa remains unattached, her heart open to any suitor who dares to match her spirit and mettle.