Stevo Simple Boy Expresses His Interest in 'EATING' Fridah Kajala -

Stevo Simple Boy Expresses His Interest in ‘EATING’ Fridah Kajala

Stevo Simple Boy Releases Diss Track Expressing Admiration for Fridah Kajala Amid Kenya-Tanzania Online Rivalry

Amidst the ongoing internet rivalry between Kenya and Tanzania, Stevo Simple Boy has taken center stage by dropping a diss track that has caught the attention of fans and critics alike. Known for his unique style and trending online presence, Simple Boy has utilized this opportunity to convey his feelings for Fridah Kajala, the former partner of Harmonize.

In his succinct one-minute diss track, Stevo Simple Boy not only playfully mentioned the influx of Tanzanian women in his inbox vying for his attention but also declared his affection for Kajala. Using his lyrics as a medium, he playfully praised Kenyan rappers, asserting their superiority over their Tanzanian counterparts. Moreover, he hinted at a future visit to Tanzania, playfully suggesting that he would take Fridah Kajala along with him, saying, “Nikikuja huko bongo namchukua Kajala.”

This track effectively demonstrates Simple Boy’s lighthearted longing for Fridah Kajala and his clever utilization of a diss track to express his emotions. The narrative of the song took a turn as Simple Boy shifted his focus towards another prominent artist, Rosa Ree.

In a somewhat comical twist, Stevo Simple Boy advised Rosa Ree to consider retiring from her rap career, indicating that she couldn’t match up to the likes of Khaligraph Jones. Rather than pursuing a rap career, he playfully urged Rosa Ree to consider relocating to Kenya and becoming his girlfriend. This amusing proposition added an intriguing layer to Simple Boy’s track.

Recently, Stevo Simple Boy has been a subject of both critique and interest due to his interactions with various women. His journey began with his public admiration for Kamene Goro and later extended to Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze and Wanja Kihii. Despite his openness to forming connections, he has faced challenges in maintaining relationships, often experiencing heartbreaking breakups.

In conclusion, Stevo Simple Boy’s diss track emerges as a notable moment in the ongoing online rivalry between Kenya and Tanzania. Through clever lyrics and playful tones, he expressed his admiration for Fridah Kajala and engaged in a light-hearted exchange with Rosa Ree. This incident sheds light on his dynamic interactions with different women, capturing both attention and scrutiny.