”naskia jamaa anaangaika mbaya” Sad moments as KRG The Don Reportedly Goes Broke Months After Claiming to Be Worth Ksh 4 Billion -

”naskia jamaa anaangaika mbaya” Sad moments as KRG The Don Reportedly Goes Broke Months After Claiming to Be Worth Ksh 4 Billion

In a surprising twist, the Kenyan music industry has been set abuzz with a flurry of rumors and speculations, all stemming from a shocking claim made by none other than the eminent artist Dufla Diligon regarding the financial standing of his fellow musician, KRG The Don. Dufla Diligon chose the avenue of social media to air his concerns, posting, “HUYU KRG ALIENDA WAPI?!! I told you pesa ilikuwa ya loan mkanikana sasa naskia jamaa anaangaika mbaya. Tafadhali kama kuna mtu anajua place ako amwambie atoe pay bill tutamsaidia angalau arudi town!!! GUYS THIS IS SERIOUS MZEE AKO MBAYA!!!!”

These comments by Dufla Diligon have sent shockwaves through both fans and industry insiders, prompting a cascade of questions regarding KRG The Don’s financial well-being. It’s worth noting that just a few months ago, KRG The Don made headlines with his bold claim of being worth Sh4.2 billion during an interview with Citizen TV.

During that interview, KRG The Don exuded confidence as he stated, “My net worth, as I last checked a year ago, was four point something billion. But I know it has increased since then due to my investments.”

The rapper even flaunted his wealth in a viral social media video, where he was seen surrounded by a substantial amount of cash. In response to this video, KRG The Don clarified that the visible amount was only Sh10 million, alluding to even greater wealth behind the scenes.

KRG The Don attributed his financial prosperity to legitimate business ventures, some of which he claimed were not widely recognized as his own. He emphasized his commitment to paying taxes and having diversified sources of income, all conducted in a transparent and lawful manner.

Regarding the origins of his wealth, KRG The Don firmly maintained that it was not anyone else’s concern how he accrued his riches, asserting, “Everybody has their own ways and their own brains. We are very smart people. I do businesses both locally and internationally. I might be here but I do a lot of things for people in different countries. I don’t have to explain to someone unless you have a legit question or maybe you are from the authorities.”

He further articulated that constantly providing explanations about his financial activities to others would be an unending endeavor.

In an attempt to clarify a controversial statement he had previously made, KRG The Don stated that his intention was never to demean anyone. He had previously remarked that a man should not be in a relationship with a woman if he earns less than Sh100,000 a month.

“Imagine I am helping the boy child,” he explained. “They can invest their little money to grow bigger. You know women speak softly but they say many things. They say a man without money is not a man. When you have money, then you can focus on love.”