“Kenyan Dancehall artist KRG The Don Opens Up About His Wealth Origins

Kenyan dancehall sensation KRG The Don recently opened up about the origin of his considerable wealth, shedding light on the fact that a significant portion of it was inherited rather than amassed through hard work.

In a candid admission, KRG acknowledged that his wealth largely stems from inheritance, indicating that he did not toil extensively to acquire it as many might presume.

“Money, unquestionably, is a form of wealth; much of these assets were in existence before my time; I’ve come into possession of them now, purely by inheritance, not by design, but by chance,” KRG disclosed.

He went on to clarify that he views the wealth he possesses not as his own, but rather as a legacy passed down from previous generations. Consequently, he opted against transferring these assets into his own name, opting to maintain them in their original state out of respect for his ancestors.

“This wealth isn’t truly mine; even though I’ve come to possess it, it was left behind by those who walked this earth before me,” KRG elucidated.

Explaining his decision to keep the assets under their original ownership, KRG emphasized his desire to honor the legacy of those who preceded him and to avoid any potential backlash from elders in his community.

“I’ve never felt the need to transfer ownership into my name; I simply oversee their management to prevent any accusations of mismanagement,” KRG stated. “I’m wary of tarnishing the reputation of my ancestors by laying claim to what they have left behind.”

Despite being the beneficiary of considerable wealth, KRG admitted that he rarely frequents the properties associated with his inheritance, citing a lack of personal attachment to them.

“I haven’t stepped foot in those buildings for years; they hold little significance for me,” KRG confessed.

Beyond his music career, KRG is also a notable entrepreneur, having established his own nightclub, ‘Casavera.’ However, he recently announced plans to temporarily close the establishment to undergo renovations in response to declining business.

“Due to the emergence of new competitors like Quiver, our business has suffered a decline. We’ve made the decision to temporarily shut down, revamp, and return with innovative strategies,” KRG revealed.