My pastor was sleeping with my wife while I was asleep, her moans woke me – Husband cries on Radio Air

A man named Oluwasina Adeshina recently revealed on a family affairs radio program, “Kokoro Alate,” on Agidigbo 88.7fm in Ibadan, about catching his wife in a compromising situation with their pastor in their one-bedroom rented apartment.

According to Oluwasina, the pastor is the biological father of four out of the six children he has with his wife, and he has asked her to leave his house multiple times, but she refuses to go.

However, the wife, Alimat Adeshina, has a different side of the story. She claimed that she gave birth to twins twice, which resulted in a total of six children, all of whom belong to her husband and not the pastor.

The pastor, Adeyele, who was the pastor of their church when the affair occurred, confessed to having an affair with Alimat in 2014. He further stated that the family joined his church in 2013 and that he had to admit his misdeeds and apologize to his sins because Alimat’s husband was kind to him.

He added that he named the twins born in 2016, but they stopped coming to his church in 2018 because a new church was established close to their home.

In July 2022, the husband called the pastor to come and take his wife and children away. The husband also informed the landlord chairman and invited him to mediate the situation. However, the husband later claimed that the wife was frustrating him and making life difficult for him, even though he had married another wife.

In January, the pastor received a call from the Akobo Police Station, where the wife claimed that her husband had sent her packing with six children, asking for assistance.

The accused pastor later received another call from Agidigbo Radio, with the husband claiming that the pastor was the biological father of five out of six of his children.

Oluwasina narrated his own side of the story, stating that his family started attending the pastor’s church in 2014 after his mother’s death. He accused the pastor of having an affair with his wife and told him not to abort the child when he found out.

The pastor then suggested that they should begin a vigil together, and he would sleep on the bed with Oluwasina’s wife while Oluwasina slept on the floor. One night, Oluwasina heard them moaning, and when he confronted the pastor, he admitted to the affair and asked Oluwasina not to ruin his reputation as a pastor.

The pastor later came to Oluwasina’s shop, threatening him not to tell anyone about the incident if he wants to remain alive. He also claimed that he would come back for his children when they turn 15.

Oluwasina’s wife took the case to her family, accusing him of not taking care of the children.