Yesu Wa Tongaren: Wanawake Wote Wanasuka Nywele na Kupaka Lipstick Hawataenda Mbinguni.

Eliud Wekesa, commonly known as Yesu wa Tongaren, has made startling claims regarding a divine revelation he purportedly received from God. In an interview with an online TV channel, Yesu wa Tongaren recounted an extraordinary experience during which he asserts that God revealed to him a list of individuals who will not attain heaven.

According to Yesu wa Tongaren, while strolling in his neighborhood, he encountered a moment where the heavens opened before him, unveiling a vision wherein God displayed those who would not gain entry into heaven. He claimed to have witnessed women adorned with hairstyles, lipstick, piercings, and makeup among those destined for hell. He categorically stated that such individuals, particularly women with these adornments, would be excluded from heaven.

In his own words, “I was walking, and the sky opened. The Almighty showed me the people who won’t make it to heaven. Women with braided hair, those wearing lipstick, and with piercings were among them. Therefore, any woman with braided hair should forget about heaven.”

Yesu wa Tongaren fervently asserted his belief that he is the genuine Jesus and that he has been commissioned by God to guide the lost generation, preparing them for the impending end times. Despite facing skepticism from many, he expressed contentment, citing biblical passages that suggest rejection is common for true servants of God among their own people.