“We are Dating One Man!”~Triplet Sisters Confess -

“We are Dating One Man!”~Triplet Sisters Confess

During an interview , three identical triplet sisters named Cate, Eve, and Mary revealed that they are all dating the same man whom they fell in love with on different occasions. The sisters explained that bonding with their man was effortless due to their close relationship and shared upbringing. Cate was the first to notice the man, and after informing her sisters, they all developed feelings for him. They also expressed their desire to marry him in the future.

The sisters mentioned that they spend time with their man separately on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and have a joint dinner date on Fridays. Although this news may surprise many, the concept of triplets doing everything together is becoming more common in today’s society. Many multiple birth siblings are raised sharing everything, making the idea of sharing a husband less challenging for them.

In addition to their romantic pursuits, the identical triplet sisters are also pursuing a career in gospel music.