“Ako Na Smile Nzuri Kama Ya Mwai Kibaki” Dj Shiti Praises Stivo Simple Boy Ex Girlfriend Pritty Vishy.

One of the most popular and humorous content creators and comedians in Kenya, Dj Shiti, recently caused mixed reactions online after he complimented the beauty of Stivo Simple Boy’s ex-girlfriend, Pritty Vishy. The praise came after a popular gossip page shared a post of Pritty Vishy spending time with her new boyfriend, where she appeared happy and carefree.

Dj Shiti was struck by Pritty Vishy’s smile and felt compelled to publicly acknowledge it. He complimented her by saying that she had a beautiful smile like the one former Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki used to wear after addressing the public. While some people misunderstood his comments and thought he was shaming the lady, others understood that Kibaki’s smile indicated that everything was fine during his presidency, and life was easier back then.

Pritty Vishy is undoubtedly beautiful, and her cute smile has attracted many men, with some flocking to her DM. It is worth noting that only a week after breaking up with her previous boyfriend, she already has a new partner. Dj Shiti’s compliment was a welcome message of positivity, and hopefully, Pritty Vishy’s new relationship will last forever.