DJ Afro Amigos: Man Spicing Up Movies in Kenyan for more than 10 years now -
The Rise And Rise Of DJ Afro

DJ Afro Amigos: Man Spicing Up Movies in Kenyan for more than 10 years now

DJ Afro is a film narrator that describes Hollywood film from English to Kiswahili, to make his fans to understand the movie better. As indicated by the DJ he has been doing the movie narration for the past 20 years now.

Dj Afro began his said career in Nairobi’s Eastlands region. Because of his incredible ability DJ Afro has now become well known all over the country, DJ Afro has shows in Gikuyu TV and Mzalendo TV where he narrates both Bollywood and Nollywood movies to a simplified Swahili language, he also narrates WWE Wrestling in Mzalendo TV and Niggeria Movies in Gikuyu TV.

Aside from being a movie narrator DJ Afro is also an event coordinator and MC, he owns a recording studio in Nairobi’s river road and movie shops in Nakuru and Nairobi. Dj Afro is a dad of two and a husband to a wonderful reporter who works in a vernacular TV station.

Other Movie narrators in kenya include DJ Fish for Star Africa TV and, DJ Afro Junior in UTV DJ Smith, DJ Jackyu in Jambu TV and many more DJs who makes sure that we are entertained to the fullest.

In October 2021, Kenyans took to social media to call out global streaming network Netflix after the company featured a commentary in one of their promos.

Netflix launched Netflix Kenya mid this year in a bid to grow its base in the country.

Reacting to the promo, netizens ridiculed the company for hiring a wannabe DJ Afro instead of contracting DJ Afro himself.

Following the outcry, Netflix sought out the celebrated movie entertainer and has since commentated on the official trailer of the movie, Thunder Force.