Ruto Says He’d Have Done Better Than Uhuru If He Was The President.

Deputy President, William Ruto has taken a swipe at President Uhuru Kenyatta accusing him of failing terribly.

Ruto who was in an interview with KTN News, yesterday, June 24, and said that there are things that he could have done better than Uhuru if he were the president.

He said that he would have solved the differences between the executive and the Judiciary.

“I would have appointed all of them. I think the people who are better versed in matters of law and constitution – the former Chief Justices Willy Mutunga and David Maraga – have said clearly that the right thing that should have happened was for all judges to be appointed and subsequently.”

“If there are integrity issues on any judge, then the normal process that involves a tribunal, and those judges being subjected to due process, should have been followed,” Ruto took a swipe at Uhuru.

“If we are to remain a sane, democratic country, we cannot afford not to respect court orders and the Constitution,” the DP stated.

Ruto went on to say that Uhuru has subjected Kenyans to poverty after his recent borrowing from foreign countries.