Bahati: kama sio mimi , Diana Angekuwa Bado Analewa Mpaka Anafungiwa Kwa Clubs.

In a candid revelation during their live YouTube couple session, Kenyan singer and content creator, Kevin Bahati, shared the transformative story of how he rescued Diana Marua from a perpetual cycle of excessive drinking.

Prior to their romantic involvement, Bahati disclosed that Diana Marua had a penchant for clubbing and had developed a reputation as a habitual drinker. Diana herself had previously acknowledged her past indulgence in a hedonistic lifestyle, involving frequent clubbing and dating multiple men to sustain her lavish existence in Nairobi.

Bahati asserted that upon entering her life, he played a pivotal role in steering Diana away from her former habits. He emphasized that her lifestyle underwent a significant transformation, marked by an abandonment of the club scene. This shift was attributed to Bahati’s standing as a highly respected gospel musician, prompting Diana to alter her behavior to uphold her husband’s reputation.

According to Bahati, he became the catalyst for Diana’s decision to cease clubbing and disassociate herself from relationships with older men. The musician contended that without his influence, Diana might have continued her 24-hour clubbing routine and persistent tipsiness.

In essence, Bahati claimed credit for saving Diana, guiding her into a more positive spotlight, and effecting a positive change in her lifestyle. As a result of their journey, they now enjoy a blessed family life with adorable children.