27 Years Old Ras Bingi : I Want a Tall Girlfriend, I’m Good in Bed.

Renowned Kenyan reggae enthusiast, Ras Bingi, recently opened up about his romantic endeavors and the qualities he seeks in a partner.

In an exclusive interview with Mungai Eve, Ras Bingi candidly shared the challenges he has faced in finding a genuine connection, largely due to societal judgments based on his height. Despite encountering such prejudices, he emphasized that his stature does not define his capabilities or the depth of his character.

Reflecting on past relationships, Ras Bingi recounted a poignant tale of love with a university student, their plans for a future together tragically dissolved.

Undeterred, Ras Bingi now sets his sights on finding a tall, graceful companion with whom he can build a meaningful life and start a family. His sincerity in seeking a life partner is underscored by his unwavering faith that God will bless him with a woman of genuine intentions.

Acknowledging his shorter stature compared to his parents, Ras Bingi gracefully accepts this aspect of himself, attributing it to a higher purpose known only to the divine.