Detective, JANE MUGO, attacks SAMIDOH’s mistress, KAREN NYAMU-You are a homewrecker and not a leader
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JANE MUGO, attacks SAMIDOH’s, KAREN NYAMU-You are a homewrecker and not a leader

Ever controversial private detective, Jane Mugo, has fired salvos at city lawyer and politician, Karen Nyamu, depicting her as a homewrecker.

While reacting to Karen’s post on Women’s Day where she said that respectful ladies make history, Jane condemned Karen Nyamu for attempting to wreck Samidoh’s marriage by presenting their issue to the public and embarrassing his wife, Edith.

The courageous detective said there’s no problem engaging in extramarital relations with a wedded man but advertising the relationship to the public is immature.

She asked why Karen didn’t embarrass her first child daddy, who turns out to be a disk jockey, the same way she did to Samidoh as of late.

Jane disclosed to Karen that she has also been engaged with affairs with notable Kenyans however she decided to do it behind the scenes without making pointless drama.

Here’s her hard-hitting message directed to Karen Nyamu.