Sidechic sues ‘sugar daddy’ over failed promises, demands car after leaving her.

A woman named Deborah Seyram Adablah has gained significant attention for bringing a case to court against her former boyfriend, accusing him of failing to fulfill the promises he made to her during their relationship.

According to a report by the Ghana Celebrities blog on Tuesday, Adablah sought the court’s intervention in compelling her ex-boyfriend, whom she referred to as her “sugar daddy,” to honor all the commitments he made to her while he seduced her into becoming one of his side partners.

Adablah, who shamelessly exposed her ordeal to onlookers, confirmed that the older man had disappeared after exploiting her for an extended period without fulfilling the promises he had made.

In the legal document she submitted to the court, Adablah demanded that the man fulfill his assurances, which included purchasing a car, renting a house in an upscale area, providing her with a monthly allowance, and supplying capital for her business.

The case was presented before the High Court in Accra, Ghana’s capital.

It was reported that Adablah entered into a relationship with a sugar daddy while serving in the National Youth Service (NYS). During this time, he rented a house for her, gave her a car, and provided a monthly allowance of GHC 3,000, equivalent to 30,000 shillings.

According to the blog, “She stated that he dissuaded her from accepting employment opportunities after her national service, promising to provide the capital she needed to start her own business. He also pledged to give her a ring once he divorced his wife.”

However, their relationship deteriorated, and the man retracted his support. He took back the car, stopped paying rent and allowances, reneged on the promise to invest in her business, and even refused to address the issue of getting engaged.

Overall, Deborah Seyram Adablah’s case against her ex-boyfriend highlights her pursuit of justice and fulfillment of the promises made during their relationship.