” kumbe ni Kiatu, Ni Filters na iPhone” Dem Wa FB Says She Was Shocked After Meet Bahati In Real person anakaa Kienyeji

Renowned comedian and content creator, Dem Wa Facebook, recently ignited a storm online with her candid observations about the stark differences between the appearances of various celebrities on social media and in real life.

Dem Wa Facebook didn’t hold back as she singled out several celebrities, but one name that stood out among them was Kevin Bahati. Bahati, a beloved male celebrity in Kenya and a heartthrob for many women, found himself under the scrutiny of Dem Wa Facebook despite being happily married.

Admitting to having had a substantial crush on Bahati, Dem Wa Facebook confessed to admiring his Instagram pictures, captivated by his charming looks that seemed irresistible to any woman. Fate brought them together at an event during Jamhuri Day, fulfilling her long-awaited dream of meeting Bahati in person.

However, the reality did not live up to the fantasy. Dem Wa Facebook expressed her surprise and disappointment, claiming that in real life, Bahati didn’t exude the same level of charm as portrayed in his carefully curated Instagram posts. This revelation prompted her to repeatedly call him just to confirm his identity, as the disparity was too substantial for her to believe.

Dem Wa Facebook went on to assert that the allure of famous celebrities is often heightened by the use of filters and iPhones, distorting their actual appearances. She made an exception for Krg The Don, applauding him for maintaining authenticity both on Instagram and in person, acknowledging that he truly looks as cute in reality as he does online.

In contrast, Dem Wa Facebook commended Stivo Simple Boy for consistently presenting his genuine self on social media and in real life. She attributed his unchanged appearance to his use of the Neon Ray, a device that captures his authentic face without the embellishments of iPhones and filters.