Meet Technical University of Kenya student who repairs sEx Toys

Zein Mahindu is a civil engineering student at the Technical University of Kenya who has taken on a side business repairing women’s sex toys. He spoke exclusively to Buzz Central about his business and the industry.

Mahindu initially got into the business after fixing a sex toy for a friend. He realized that there was a demand for such services and started his own business, initially only repairing electronic appliances such as mobile phones and radios.

He has served over 30 women so far and charges between 500 and 700 Kenyan shillings for each repair, depending on the complexity of the job. He aims to complete each repair within 24 hours and takes hygienic precautions such as wearing gloves and disinfecting his working surface.

Mahindu is in a relationship and believes that married individuals can also use sex toys to spice up their sex life. He has started his own sex toy line and plans to open a shop in the future. He is inspired by his father, who encouraged him to expand his skills, and his mother, who has been a driving force in his life.

In conclusion, Mahindu believes that sex toys should be embraced by society and encourages the youth to be more open about their needs and come up with creative solutions. He emphasizes that sex toys are meant to enhance sexual experiences, not replace men.