Gibson Murage Meets Dolly Patron, Woman He Trolled, Buys Nonstick Sufurias

Gibson Murage Gitonga, the proprietor of the contemporary furniture emporium Pacific, and Dolly Patron, a businesswoman hailing from Embu, had a face-to-face encounter at Bishop Ben’s church several weeks subsequent to their online clash.

Amidst the supportive cheers of the congregation, Murage extended a heartfelt apology to Dolly for the choice of words he had employed in response to her comment.

In this moment of reconciliation, Murage expressed gratitude to his companions, notably Pastor Ben, for their counsel and encouragement to pursue amends with Dolly.

Acknowledging the regrettable nature of the situation, Murage found solace in divine intervention, recognizing how it inadvertently brought attention to Dolly’s nonstick Sufurias business on a global scale.

Seeking to further amend their rift, Murage pledged to facilitate connections for Dolly with contacts in China, enabling her to import nonstick pots for her enterprise.

Subsequently, the pair convened at the offices of Modern Furniture Pacific, where Murage proceeded to procure nonstick Sufurias directly from Dolly.

The initial online discord ensued when Dolly suggested Murage purchase nonstick Sufurias for his spouse, provoking a social media uproar with Murage’s contentious response.

In an attempt to reconcile and clarify, Murage disclosed that his social media page is managed by multiple administrators, asserting his unawareness of the exchange due to his absence from the country.

In a gesture of goodwill and commitment to reconciliation, Murage assured Dolly of his intention to purchase non-stick Sufurias from her upon his return to Kenya.