Bryan Chweya Calls Out Savara for Claiming Elani Fell Off After Trying to Compete With boyhood band Sautisol

Bryan Chweya of Elani has recently criticized Sauti Sol band member Savara for his remarks regarding Elani’s trajectory and alleged competition between the two groups.

During an interview on the Miccheque podcast, Savara acknowledged Elani’s past talent and mentioned his assistance in producing some of their songs. However, he also highlighted challenges within Elani, particularly regarding the group dynamics. According to Savara, issues arose due to perceived disparities in star power among the members, with Bryan often feeling sidelined. He emphasized the significance of gender balance within the group, suggesting its absence posed a significant hurdle.

Savara further suggested that Elani’s downfall stemmed from their attempt to rival Sauti Sol, implying that this pursuit led to their decline in relevance. In response, Bryan cautioned Savara against leveraging Elani’s name for personal gain, insinuating bitterness on Savara’s part due to Bien’s success as a solo artist.

Elani, renowned for hits like “Jana Usiku,” “Koo Koo,” “Milele,” and others, has refrained from releasing new music for an extended period. In a previous interview, they disclosed their hiatus as a strategic pause before plotting their return to the music scene.